Web authoring

Regular readers will know that teaching pupils how to create webpages worries me more than it should.  I am completely happy with the teaching of basic html and use of embed codes etc but am more worried about how useful full website authoring actually is to the everyday pupil (as a core part of ICT for all). 

  • How many people actually go on to create a website?
  • How do you host 100s of pupil websites
  • How do you get realistic contexts for this work (for 100s of pupils)
  • You need to be quite proficient to get something ‘professional’ (css, java etc)
  • There are a profusion of easy alternatives

I do get to see a lot of pupils spending hours over e-portfolios and always end up asking myself – surely there are better things to spend your time on.


If you’re going to teach web authoring then do you need Dreamweaver?  Undeniably powerful but what about free alternatives?  I was wondering if anyone has tried KompoZer with pupils?  (looks good and free )

Also  – does anyone use Opera to host websites in a quick and easy way?


KompoZer Website

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