Don’t mention the cuts

So – we’re in a whole new world for schools and it’s beginning to hurt already.  ICT is not immune.

By now many people will know about the decision to cut 25% out of the ‘Harnessing Technology’ grant .. this year.  This means that (some) money that you thought you were getting (or maybe have already been given) will now be withheld (or ‘clawed back’).

Exactly what this means to local authorities and individual schools is still being worked out BUT if you’ve already spent this money (say on a contract for a learning platform) then this might be difficult to manage AND there will be a need to think seriously about the next few years because we can reasonably expect that there WILL be less.

Time for the real leaders to step forward and make a positive contribution.  We are where we are so what are we going to do about it? – what can I do, today? tomorrow? – time to roll up the sleeves and get stuck in.

Maybe a good place is to understand the situation and this article from Microsoft is a good summary.


I particularly like the explanation of how there can be a statement to ‘protect school budgets’ and yet make cuts.

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