The Alternative School

This is from the home page …

  • A school that has time to spend with you and get to know you as an individual
  • Lessons designed around you, that you enjoy and that fit your individual preferred style of learning
  • Lessons that are fun and at your own pace  
  • One to One time with a tutor who can help you with whatever you may be struggling with
  • A school that you look forward to attending every single day and can help you achieve that 100% attendance
  • A place where you are listened to no matter what you say
  • Somewhere that lots of different abilities come together instead of lots of labels   
  • A school where you always feel included and where you wont get excluded for having a bad day
  • Tutors that understand where you are coming from
  • A place that is warm and friendly where you feel comfortable an able to turn up no matter what may have happened the night / day before
  • Somewhere you can go and feel valued and respected
  • A choice of lessons and activities, so that you can choose the lessons that you enjoy and do well in
  • A school without a uniform that doesn’t  judge you on how you dress
  • An education system that understands we all have good days and bad days, and sometimes you just need that bit of extra space and support
  • A new start everyday.. with all yesterday’s issues left behind
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