Are you educated?

I spotted an interesting blog post today – with the comments almost as interesting as the post.

So what do Harvard and Princetown look for in potential students?  Apparently they frequently turn away students with perfect scores but look for people who have distinguished themselves, maybe by:

  • starting and running a successful business
  • serving in the community
  • founding an organization that serves others (especially those in need)
  • completing an apprenticeship
  • John Taylor Gatto also has a list for really useful ‘life’ skills:

    1. Being able to successfully convey yourself through the written and (publicly) spoken word
    2. Being able to spend time in solitude without feeling uncomfortable
    3. Finding ways to be useful to others
    4. Developing connections with other people that can be used for their benefit and your own
    5. Being able to read at a high level (not just the skill of reading but being able to understand what you’re reading and internalize it)

    Finally (for those of you who like lists) “What makes a person Educated”:

  • An educated person writes his/her own script in life; destiny is self-determined
  • An educated person is never at a loss for what to do with his/her time
  • An educated person has a blueprint for personal values, a philosophy
  • An educated person understands his/her own mortality and learns throughout life, right until the end
  • An educated person has the capacity to create new things, new experiences, and new ideas
  • I can’t say that I subscribe to much of this, I think that education and intelligence has so many perspectives that simple lists (as tidy as they are) miss the bigger picture – however – the debate is always good.


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