Accessing school files from home

This seems to be a constant problem for many schools.  I have been asked about the new ‘Direct Access’ feature in Windows 7 and have found this table of comparisons with VPN:

DirectAccess VPN
Client computer connects automatically (not user-initiated) X
Works through all firewalls X
Supports selected server access and IPsec authentication with an internet network server X
Supports end-to-end authentication and encryption X
Supports management of remote client computers X
Compatible with Windows Vista® and earlier versions of Windows client computers X
Compatible with client computers running non-Microsoft® operating systems X
Compatible with non-domain joined computers X
Does not require Windows Server 2008 R2 on the remote access server X

VPN does require a VPN server but this can be ‘virtualised’ so doesn’t need it’s own hardware.  VPN is fairy easy to implement – I wonder why more schools do not use it?

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