Web design in Photoshop?

You design your webpage in Photoshop – any how, any image etc.

Upload load PSD file to BaseKit.  Use the CSS editor in Basekit if you like or edit the elements in the wisiwig editor or just leave it as is.  Job done.  Effective sites in seconds.  Fully standards compliant and includes nice form tools etc.

I’ve often wondered about the validity of teaching website design with html editors (see shutterborg). this site seems to add to the argument ….

Just to state the argument again …  Most websites I’ve seen children design do the job well and are often quite advanced but they NEVER look like professionally designed modern sites.  Most lessons concentrate on the techniques and leave the ‘design’ down to the children (small wonder that they look ‘childish’ then!).  Yet the design is the important thing – nobody looks at the technology, they look at the design.



Youtube ‘How To”

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