Use it or loose it?

There is a big drive to use the resources in schools better.  This will be a key foundation of the cutbacks that will be needed in the next few years. (something like £750M savings needed)

Ed Balls recognised that the huge investment into technology in school hasn’t had the impact it should.

Bottom line is that the BECTA self review framework is quoted as good practice and something the government is pushing.

16,000 schools have accessed the framework, and significant numbers are making progress. But better exploitation of ICT across the  system would yield better outcomes at lower cost, especially where schools use it as a shared resource.

The White paper is 27 pages – have a look at Page 11 (pdf page 12)


Guardian Article

Microsoft summary

DCSF Publication

Is it just me  – or are these cartoon icons beginning to grate your nerves as well?

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