Files in the Cloud

I’m sure that many readers now have files stored on the internet somewhere, maybe in Google Docs, Sky Drive, Picasa, AmazonS3, or maybe just on an FTP site somewhere.

They all work OK but are not exactly intuitive and require a way to get to them (usually a webpage).

Gladinet is a utility that creates a ‘virtual’ folder and places your virtual drives inside this.  So basically you get a Z Drive – inside this you’ll have a folder for each of your virtual spaces – this integrates with the windows desktop.

It’s slow of course but it’s a start  ….(you can typically expect 5 – 10 seconds for a folder to open)

You may know that I have Skydrive ‘public’ folder.  You can click this link to see the original web based version, the image below shows what it looks like in Gladinet.


My Public Skydrive


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