Not Antisocial

A could of developments on the social network side of things …

First Off ifs Fishbowl.  This is a nice front end for Facebook.  Personally this is part of the way I’ve been hoping that things would go for ages -  a nice desktop app that pulls data from your online ‘system’ (in this case facebook).  This is what I want for other ‘magical’ online systems – guess we’ll have to wait and see.  This supports drag and drop, minimised view and a nice GUI.  It’s at the Beta stage at the moment and not 100% but it works fairly well and shows promise.



Second is the news that Outlook 2010 looks all set to become a social media centre with ‘Outlook Social Connector’ (OSC).  The beta version only supports LinkedIn but you can bet Facebook and twitter will be there in the fullness of time.

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