Office 2010

Expected to be released in 2010 the upgrade looks to be useful with some features that should have been there for many years.

  • A proper print preview will now be available for all application.
  • Much better sharing through Sharepoint (Merlin) and Windows Live – making collaboration much easier
  • Paste preview seems like a good idea as well.
  • There will also be some ‘on demand’ translation features available in several (if not all) apps.
  • Word will have image editing in place (no need for additional software) – this will include ‘effects’ as in the current powerpoint 2007
  • Fonts control will now be much better (though I still think that a ‘proper’ font management system is a missing component from the OS)
  • The much hated ‘Word Art’ will have a work over as well – more effects, glow, neon and the like
  • Excel will be able to link with SQL servers more easily
  • Better pivot tables (called ‘Slicer’) making summarising much better
  • A graphic called ‘Sparklines’ look interesting but I need to find out more about these – they seem to be a visual (eg a line graph) for a row of data.
  • Outlook gets the ribbon treatment so will look much different
  • At last you’ll be able to follow conversations in Oultlook
  • Powerpoint will allow embedding of online video and will make it easier to break a slide deck into (what I call) chapters (or maybe sections)

Sounds good to me.

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