First thoughts on the New GCSEs

I came across this blog entry showing another teachers thoughts on the new GCSEs.

In a nutshell – he doesn’t like the Edexcel idea, its “worse than DiDA” apparently.  Given that DiDA was the only explicitly problem solving based course you will infer from this what you will.

OCR are offering a ‘Computing’ GCSE.   NOT based in the  National Curriculum – music to some peoples ears I suspect.  Lots of Binary to hex conversions, OS comparisons and programming – woo hoo.  Their new GCSE on ICT also looks quite interesting.

WJEC and AQA seem fairly traditional (but quite rigorous assessment proposals).

More on this later I suspect.

One thought on “First thoughts on the New GCSEs

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  1. The problem with DiDA is not that it’s explicitly problem solving, but that it’s an absolute nightmare to try and mark. It’s a frustrating and badly organised course, or at least it was – we dropped it after the first cohort.

    Having attended the Edexcel session on the new GCSE, they have failed to provide any sample materials – assessments, draft specification, no detail at all.

    I’m glad you found the post useful though.

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