It’s a topic that comes up frequently this time of year when schools are looking to get rid of old equipment.

I was just contacted by PC 4 recycling with their price list.  I’m posting this so that you’ll have a benchmark for prices and maybe some of you will cone back with a comment about better services and cheaper prices.

  • 20 items or less £100.00
  • 40 items or less £140.00
  • 60 items or less £180.00
  • 80 items or less £220.00

Price includes discount, collection, and data wiping.  Items are individual PCs, Monitors and the like, keyboards, mice, phones, cables and other miscellaneous parts can be boxed up. As long as that box can be lifted by one person, it is then classed as one item.

Seems a good deal to me (though I think I’d still want to wipe my own data to be sure to be sure.


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