I’m still trying to work out how handy Wolfram will be.  It looks like it will give a fairly good answer to questions based on numbers- how far to the sun

… Average… biggest… etc.

What are some good questions to ask?

  • What is the Meaning of Life, the universe and everything?
  • Velocity of an unladen swallow
  • 5th Largest country
  • iPod retail sales
  • enter any date (e.g. a birth date)
  • enter any town (e.g. a home town)
  • enter any two stocks
  • enter any calculation
  • enter any math formula
  • x^2 sin(x)
  • how far to the sun

Less good:

  • How many beans make five
  • how many iphones sold in the UK

I have no doubt that it’s very clever but I’m not too sure how helpful this will be in practice.  Sources are listed but it isn’t easy to see how they have been used so I’m left wondering how to validate the results?



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