Xobni (out of beta)

If you’ve not come across Xonbin (inbox backwards) then it may be worth a look if you’ve come to depend on email in any big way.  It is a power (free) app for organising email.

Today Xobni is dropping the beta tab with the release of Xobni 1.7.

The new version doesn’t come with any shiny new features, but it it does have a number of improvements under the hood that let Xobni and Outlook work better together. For instance, Xobni loads faster, loads messages better due to caching, and users can control how often and how much of their email is indexed by the plugin. You can also decide whether Xobni will open every time you launch Outlook or if you want it to appear only when you want it.

Xobni continues to be available as a free download, but the company is working on a premium version that will be available this summer



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