Formats and Codecs solved?

Are you as frustrated by all the different codecs and formats as I am.  Why will those videos never play on someone else’s machine?  why do you only get sound and no video? why is it so difficult to convert between WAV and MP3, Shouldn’t it be easy to convert those jpegs so that they can have a transparent background?  Shouldn’t it be easy to put that DVD on you mobile phone?

I guess that, like me, you’ll have 6 or 7 pieces of software that can allow you to do some or all of this.  Well … the new software from Format Factory may be an answer.

I’ve not tried it yet but I will be downloading today.  It claims to be able to convert pictures, music and video formats from anything to anything (within reason).  Let’s hope it does what it says on the tin!

Oh yes … it’s free


Format Factory

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  1. You have such impeccable timing, I have been looking for this very resource. It’s really easy to use and I was able to convert MPEG 4 video into a format that could then be edited in Movie Maker. Thank you so much, another fantastic find on ICT Nuggets!

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