New e-book

e-Books are not new but they do seem to be ‘coming of age’.  I love the idea of a student having an e-book pre-loaded with all the text books they’ll ever need.

The latest is the Kindle2 – shortly to be announced. Tags: ,,,

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  1. Hi Bob,

    Just a quick note to say that I really enjoy your blog – great tips and ideas here, and the e-Book/ e-Reader is an interesting one. Our charity works with schools to help create 1:1 ICT project, where the device is used at home and at school, and so we’ve seen a huge range of devices and ideas in schools using our model. MP4 players, UMPCs, PDAs, Blackberrys… but no e-Books as yet. Which makes me wonder – although the idea is fantastic, are any schools actually using them?

  2. Lucy, thanks for the nice comments – they are most welcome and provide me with a boost to ‘keep going’.

    I don’t know of any schools using them and wonder if they would be more likely to go for a netbook that does much the same sort of thing but then adds a lot more functionality – however – they are lovely looking devices now. I think I’d like one but the fact that I don’t actually have one should say quite a lot I guess.

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