School Report Card

Another consultation document – Ref. DCSF-01045-2008

This one sets out what the DCFS want to achieve as a way of measuring (and reporting on) the successes of schools in the future.  It will be linked to OFSTED reports.

Suggested criteria include:

  • Attainment (academic outcomes achieved by pupils).
  • Pupil Progress during the time they spend at school.
  • Wider Outcomes (pupils’ health, safety, enjoyment, opportunity and ability to make a positive contribution, and prospects of future economic wellbeing).
  • Narrowing Gaps (the school’s efforts to raise the achievement of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups of pupils).
  • Parents’ Views.
  • Pupils’ Views.
  • Parents’ and Pupils’ Views combined in a single ‘Users’ Views’ category.
  • Parents’ and Pupils’ Views combined within a Wider Outcomes category.

An overall ‘score’ is still recommended.

The full document can be viewed/downloaded at: > Entering DCSF-01045-2008 in the Search field. Tags: ,,,,

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