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Are you using Audacity, Garageband, Podium..Photostory, and finding yourself limited for suitable music files? Are you sure that what you use is okay from a legal point of view?

Have a look at Soundzabound. I had a talk to them on the TAG Learning stand at BETT. They are well established in the US and have a huge wealth of MP3s specifically collected for education use. Copyright is a real issue with sound file use in school. Fair Use has limitations in use and states the you are liable, should there be a claim.

Soundzabound Royalty Free Music supersedes Fair Use in that they fully license the music with unlimited rights for education and sign off that you are protected.  Soundzabound could be very useful. Tags: ,,,

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  1. I hope I am OK to suggest another site that has a license that is geared towards educational usage.

    We are – our music is composed by us and we offer it as 100% royalty free as we own all the copyrights and are not a member of any performing rights organisation.

    This gives our members the freedom of our very generous license and means they don’t ever have to worry about additional fees.


  2. Hi Ian,

    Thanks for commenting and adding more info to the topic. The cost of $190 (about £130) seems very reasonable for unlimited downloads – is this the ‘educational’ use that you referred to?


  3. Hi Bob,

    Educational users can use either the unlimited downloads or the pay per track method. We find that most of our educational users will opt for the unlimited downloads as it is far easier to use and means they can come and go as much as they like.

    We are going to be releasing a USB drive that will contain the entire library in WAV format so the school doesn’t need to keep downloading from the site (except the new tracks we add).

    If you take a look at our license page there is a link at the top so educational users can see how the license is suited to schools.

    Any feedback is most welcome.


  4. Hi,
    We’ve provided a large number of free tracks and loops that you can freely use in educational projects at
    As well as our “members only” free pages (free to sign up) we also have 2 completely free high quality audio packs. You’re welcome just to visit and download these – with no catches.
    Our royalty free music downloads and production music is composed by professional musicians with extensive experience writing for TV, Film, Chart acts and Multimedia.
    All the best

  5. James,
    I’ve been to the site and had a look around – just stunning.

    The music is excellent, well categorised and beautifully produced – I want it all! – Just Beautiful

    Thanks for letting us know


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