Getting better – Social Media

Bottom line – how do I get more people looking at the blog?

I decided to ask some of the best blog writers I know.  The author of Edublogs was good enough to get back to me with a few suggestions that I’ll be experimenting with over the next few days.

Some of you may be in the same situation so I thought I’d post the ideas here:

1. Put the blog URL in your email signature.  (I do this already)

2. On the blogs you read, leave a comment with your own anecdote or argument for/against what’s being spoken about. That means people know you’re listening.

3. Link out to bloggers whose views you agree with or disagree with. Don’t just report but add to it…

4. Add more to your blogroll that shows your tastes in reading. Shows how wide (or not) your reading and expertise is.

5. Tell us about YOU in the about page – we want to know how much we can trust you – what’s your history?

Points 2 and 3 made me sit up because I often encourage people to comment on my blog but I very seldom comment on the blogs of other people.  Definitely points for me to try.

Points 4 and 5 seem (to me) to be about validity and bias, something I frequently talk about with subject leaders in school.  I’m always saying how vital these things are and yet have ignored them myself.  These are changes I will definitely make.

I’ll let you know if these make any difference.

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  1. Interesting points which I will also coporate into my blog. Another way to get people reading your blog is to have links from our county council website

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