History of the computer

titles “The machine that changed the world” this is a series of videos about the history.  Made in 1991 and now out of print this really makes the point of how far we have come in 50 years or so.

As well as being 5 nice films in their right there are some super clips and lovely misconceptions of the time.

One clip shows how William Shanks who spent 28 years of his life calculating the 707th number of the value of Pi made a mistake after the 528th number (so the last few years were a waste of time).

Another clip details how the difference engine wasn’t really a computer as such but the analytical engine was.

ALso an interview with Konrad Zuse – the man who made the first computer.

Definitely worth a look.

Available at Viddler
Part 1: Great Brains
Part 2: Inventing the Future
Part 3: The Paperback Computer
Part 4: The Thinking Machine
Part 5: The World at Your Fingertips
Also available as a single BitTorrent file from Waxy.org

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