Buy one get 7 free

I may have this wrong but it does look like a great option for schools.

Imagine the situation – you want to set up a small cluster of PCs but you can only afford 1 or maybe 2, you also don’t have that much space.  You only have one network connection and powerpoint but you want all machines to run all the software

Sound familiar? – back of a classroom maybe? A ‘Drop in’ in the library?

This really looks like it could be an answer – I’ve seen it working 9 months ago and was really impressed.

Basically you have 1 PC with an ‘ad in’ card for each workstation you need, this allows you to connect a usb hub to the host PC and you then connect your monitor, mouse and keyboard to the hub.  Basically you get 6 or 8 connections to the PC.  It depends on the host PC to a degree but performance for office apps seems to be identical to a single PC.

It’s not a cheep as it sounds at first and may actually work out close to the price of cheep individual workstations BUT – power and networking makes it a cheep option when you think about total cost. 

Another nice feature is that each ‘PC’ has it’s own ‘virtual’ hard drive so it is REALLY easy to manage and update – you could quite happily allow pupils to have admin access to the PC (control panel etc) knowing that they simply couldn’t do any harm and a fully working PC can be restored in minutes with no specialist knowledge.

This website isn’t very clear or friendly but does supply technical background.  Does anyone know of an educational specialist?  Anyone tried it?


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