13 Generations

Searching for information on the internet?  How about this:

Try to find someone who died close to (but shortly after) your birthday, I choose Alan Turing, British mathematician, Bletchley code breaker and leader in the field of computing.

Now find out when he was born (23 June 1912) and find someone who died shortly after this.  (this website is a good starting point).  For me this would be  Henri Poincaré, French mathematician.

The idea is that these people could have touched – they are touch-generations.

Keep going back this way for 13 touch generations and you’ll get back to the turn of the last millenium.  Go for 26 touch generations and you’ll be in contact with Jesus.  Enough people to fit in 1 class.

It kind of puts you in touch with history

Also you can then start to search for conflicting information about either that person or about that time – which is most valid and why.  Create a time line with diagrams and sketches depicting major events.

Love it …



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