YouTube – it’ll never catch on

This video was presented (by Michael Wesch – author of the Machine is us) at the US Library of Congress in June 2008.

Early facts include:

In their 60 year history the 3 major TV channels may have produced a maximum of 1.5 million hours of programs, Youtube has produced more in 6 months.

9000+ hours of video uploaded every day, equivalent to 386 ‘always on’ (ie iplayer)channels.

This is actually more like 2000,000 3 minute videos rather than full programs – NOT mass media.

88% of the material is new and original.

Numa Numa is a lot more important that one might think – why? watch the video …

To quote Michael – “you have to actually experience the phenomenon in order to understand it“.

The video is long but fascinating.

An anthropological introduction to YouTube

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