Digital Literacy course

Microsoft have launched a series of self study units that they call Digital Literacy.  The 5 topics are:

* Computer Basics
* The Internet and the World Wide Web
* Productivity Programs
* Computer Security
* Privacy and Digital Lifestyles

It’s suggested that the units take about 3 hours each, there is an online assessment system etc.  Naturally MS based.  It didn’t work very well for me so I can’t comment too much.  Here is a sample question from the Digital Literacy section:

How can you prevent others from accessing data on your stand-alone computer?

  • Install a spyware program and an antivirus program.
  • Use a user name and password.
  • Back up data and save it in a different location.
  • Use an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and a surge protector.

Hummm ….

There may be some gems there though.  Or maybe just use the assessment units so pupils can get an idea where they are with different aspects – maybe a homework task for Some?

Microsoft Digital Literacy Curriculum

Thanks Patricia Donaghy

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