I guess you’ll all of heard of Googles new browser.  It seem much faster and ‘more solid’ than Firefox or IE7 (I’ve not tried IE 8 Beta yet) but there are times I want the extra features of the ‘big boys’.

Possibly more interesting is the way that Chrome has been created – when you hear t’s feature list it sounds more like an ‘operating system’ than a browser.  If you’re using online apps then why would you need to see below the browser?  It’ll be interesting to see how this takes off and how Microsoft reacts.


Google Chrome

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  1. I’ve just seen that Chrome is set to become the browser for the mobile phone ‘Android’ project.

    Effectively Chrome will be the OS for the phone.

    Having an open source phone has all sorts of implications .. wow …

  2. Chrome is the quickest browser I have used, unfortunately its the most unstable browser I have used (and its out of Beta already).

    I trust Google will fix Chrome, so that its usable. I think the 2-3 crashes i get per hour are mainly reported as flash plugin related.

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