Worst week – best month

Just a quick note to let you know how ‘Nuggets’ is doing. 

I only had 5 ‘hits’ today but this time last year 5 a week was good.  I have had over 70 hits in one day this month.

This week has seen the lowest ‘hit’ rate for 14 weeks BUT none the less July has been quite a good month with the second highest ‘hit’ rate ever (750 so far – that’s an average of 31 hits EVERY day).

We’ll soon be breaking the 1000 reader/month threshold – thanks folks  – look out for ‘rewards’ before Christmas.

I know things go very quiet over Autumn but I will be posting so keep reading.  It’s your reading that makes it worth while,


PS NOW … What about a comment or two?

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2 thoughts on “Worst week – best month

Add yours

  1. I think that wordpress only count the visits – I hope that this means I get a hit if you open an article but I’m not sure. I think that they are going to start to count subscriptions soon – I’ll keep an eye out and let you know when I know.

    Hope all is well with you Steve

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