Getting that video to work

Do you find that you get sent a video clip that doesn’t work on your computer but seems fine on everyone elses?

Or do you get video clips that play the sound but no picture (or vice versa).

Well this is probably because videos are compressed and have to be decompressed before you can see then – to do this CODECs are used (COmpressDECompress).  If the codecs work well all is fine otherwise there are problems.

The easy answer is to download a codec pack (like K-lite), this puts 100s of codecs on your computer but sometimes causes more problems when the wrong codec is chosen from time to time.

A more ‘selective’ approach is often better but which ones to select?

I’ve put a little pack on my sky drive that will get most people playing most things.  I’d really welcome any other ideas for things I’ve missed or links to videos that these don’t play.

Hope these work for you

Codec Pack (37Mb)

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  1. Ceers Bob – hopefully this will get me out of embarassing moments when I’m trying to show colleagues media files:)

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