Can I ask?

In a conversation today I was chatting about all the learning I have done through ‘play’.  You know the sort of thing – I wonder if I can do a blog, have a go and find out all sorts of ‘stuff’.

I know that I’ve learnt loads this way and generally enjoyed it but there could never be an exam and even if there was I wouldn’t want to do it because then I wouldn’t be following MY interest but rather following a curriculum path.

My questions are:

1. Is this sort of learning valid in school

and if so

2. How can we capture this? (or perhaps should we try?)


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One thought on “Can I ask?

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  1. I feel we learn best when we enjoy what we are doing. It’s hard to get to grips with something if it’s tiresome and we can’t see its relavence. The difficulty for teaching is that in a curriculum that allows pupils to follow their interests can be hugely diverse, difficult to plan for and probably a bit like trying to herd cats. So how do we make all learning purposeful, enjoyable and still have a structure? Perhaps this is where a skills based curriculum can offer some way forward. What we really want learners to develop are learning to learn skills, to communicate and collaborate, solve problems and be creative. Perhaps we need to think about ways to focus upon this in our teaching rather than knowledge and content? I would suggest that there could be more scope to allow pupils to cover areas of inertest if we focus upon developing a skills based curriculum. (IMHO)

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