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An interesting article in the observer suggesting that the collective power of people around the work could herald a new way of working.

One obvious example is Wikipedia where small effort individually can create a reference point that is just not possible any other (practical) way.

Better examples include Linux – “A version of Linux released in June 2005 had 229 million lines in its source code that would have taken 60,000 man-years to develop at a cost of perhaps $8bn. Every day most people who use the web rely on open source: Google’s servers run on Linux”.

Other examples include how a grandmother in China redesigned products for proctor and Gamble

In Education this could mean sites like :School of Everything.  Imagine finding everything you’d ever want to know in bite sized clear videos (as in YouTube).

It is a different model of working that has much going for it.  Interesting article. 

If nothing else then they are good examples of collaboration.

The Observer


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