Interesting Statistics

Ewan McIntosh is a forward thinking educationalist.  He runs a blog called edublog which I like to keep an eye on.

He has a nice slideshow that you can watch here

The show has these interesting statistics (and no he doesn’t say where the data comes from).

UK Teens and Tweens (I guess 10-19 year olds) spend 1400 minutes a week online.  (I make that 23 hours a week or (average) 3 hours a day).  Only 60 minutes in front of a computer in school.

Of this 47 minutes a day are on Bebo

150 Hours -typical average time to complete a computer game – also the same number of hours required to complete one year at university.

Pupils have 140% time!  This is because they multitask when online – they will be using messenger and writing their bebo page, possibly composing an email and running a game in the background.

75Million blogs are tracked by technotati (ie adult blogs).  One new blog every 2 seconds.  Over 17 new blog posts written every second.

In the 19th Century …..

the usual audience for a pupils work was 1 (the teacher).  Even if you had your work on display (quite unusual) the maximum audience was (typically) 30.  Spend 5 minutes to see who actually looks at a display – probably nobody.

Phrases used:

Do one thing at a time


Let ME explain


What is happening in the 21st Century classroom

Potential audience of 1,000,000,000 if you post an article on wikipedia.

We’ve heard of Digital Natives and Immigrants – well what about digital holiday makers?  Why not take a trip and spend a bit of time somewhere else but don’t just stick to the tourist traps – find out what is going on underneath.


Interesting presentation …

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