Super video and Audio decoder

If you do a lot of video and audio work it’s not long before you come across a file that won’t play on your computer, or might play on yours but not on anyone elses. This is because they are all compressed with different systems. You need a bit of software called a codec to uncompress the file to make it play.

All of this happens in the background but the bottom line is that you have to have a codec on your computer to match the codec used to create the file in the first place.

You can change this! Basically we’re talking about changing MP4 to AVI or MP3 to WAV.

There are lots of freeware programes to do this but most only do a few formats. This piece of software claims to be able to convert everything to and from everything.

It’s not for the feint hearted as it looks a bit techy at the moment but if you have the need to do this then you won’t mind that. If you don’t have the need then don’t go there …



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