Phones in school?

Mobiles are an essential tool for todays teenager – Discuss.

Todays talk is of them being an offensive weapon – a bit strong maybe but some of the misuse of phone technology is very distressing.

The article doesn’t really go into the issue in depth but it does say that teachers do have to powers to confiscate phones and that despite the fact that Alan Johnson sees the issue as a priority there are many schools who do not take the matter seriously enough.


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  1. I can see this as an issue but students have always made false rumors about staff, or down-rated them since the beginning of education, weather its via gossip or the written form, unfortunately due to the impact of the internet there is no way of stopping students voicing their opinions or posting false stories about staff. I also feel that this has been blown completely out of proportion, we live in a world of paranoia already, lets not fuel it more by downing the internet, or making it out to be a big ugly monster (I am aware there is major issues, but there is also a lot of positive things to be said about it to). In the near future most devices will have a voip or mobile communication technology attached, theres no we can stop it. So we should be looking at ways to embrace this technology and inspire pupils to be using it correctly rather than trying to ban it or turn our backs upon it.

  2. I agree with you 100% anout the rise of paranoia and definately wouldn’t want to add to that but I wouldn’t condone a “complete freedom” aproach either. It’s a question of balance really. Further, the fear of creating paranoia should not stop discussion and debate.

    I guess you are right to link the article to the internet, if it was just mobile comms. it would probably not be the big issue it is. It’s the ‘rate my teacher’ and ‘YouTube’ type of site that seems to cause the angst.

    I don’t think anyone considers that posting unsubstiantiated, anonymous global slander about teachers is the same as a little bit of local gossip. The power of the slander is also now of a different scale than ever before, editing pictures, video and sound can create false ‘evidence’ very easily. Neither I nor my parents would’t have dared critisise my teachers when I was at school – times have changed. It is definately a very different situation now than before.

    I agree about embracing the technology and I am actively trying to do that but I also come into contact with excellent teachers who have been the victims of ‘attacks’ by pupils and the punishments have seemed to be very lenient in view of the distress caused. Of course in the case of ‘Rate My Teacher’ there is NO punishment.

    I remain to be convinced that pupils need to have phones switched on during the typical lesson in todays schools. I also feel that a pupil who has just been told off for not doing their homework for the 4th or 5th time (by a dilligent teacher) should not have a global stage to attack their teacher from.

    It’s certainally an interesting debate. Thanks for your comments Andy

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